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CAPITAL Realty Services, LLC is a full service commercial real estate company that provides leasing, management, staffing, brokerage, accounting, maintenance and construction management support to corporate, institutional and entrepreneurial clients.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, CAPITAL is committed to providing on a regional basis the highest quality of services that will control costs and effectively enhance the overall value of a company’s real estate assets.

CAPITAL’S professionals have the experience and broad based knowledge to design and implement those specific strategies that are tailored to fit each client’s unique needs.

The firm was founded based on the following principles:


 CAPITAL will provide the most comprehensive level of service to our clients and will accept only excellence in the quality and supervision of our work. To be successful in our efforts we are committed to building client relationships that are founded on mutual respect with the understanding that our client’s interest always comes first.


 CAPITAL fully understands that positive performance is the result of having talented, committed people that live and work with a high level of integrity. We also recognize our personal responsibility to give back to our community by taking active leadership positions in a variety of civic organizations. CAPITAL is proud to be a part of Memphis.

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